Dance your way to a healthy body!

What is the universal expression of happiness? What is the first reaction of people across world when they are brimming with joy? If you are thinking of dance, bingo! Dance is one of the natural expressions of cheerfulness. Therefore when one is truly happy, one begins to dance no matter, whether one is trained in dancing or not.

Since the origin of human civilisation, dancing has evolved as a form of art. A certain grammar of gestures, footwork and postures has been developed for every style of dance to express the varied emotions. For ages, dancers across the world have earned name and fame by amusing people with the display of their art of dance.

Apart from being a prominent form of art, dance is also a great physical and mental exercise. Whether one takes up dance as a hobby or as a profession, it brings along a number of health benefits. Be it classical, contemporary, jazz, salsa, ballet or any other style, dance helps us in keeping our body fit and healthy. How? Let’s explore it.

Dancers regularly do several stretching exercises to maintain flexibility in the body. And a flexible body is healthier and fitter. Also, to excel in dancing one needs to stay active, which leads to a healthy lifestyle.

In today’s fast pace lifestyle, stress is one of the leading causes of many diseases. And dance is one of the most effective stress-busters. Also when we dance, our heart beats faster and we sweat a lot, which is similar to doing any other workout. This helps to reduce weight and keeps the heart healthy. Dancing forces our muscles to resists against our own body weight and work hard continuously. It builds strength and stamina in our body. In dance, we need to remember the correct sequence of steps, which is helpful in sharpening our memory. Dancing requires swift body movement and appropriate postures, which is extremely important for better control over our body.

Other than that, dancing is a great way to connect socially. A dance session is a perfect time to make long-lasting friendships and relationships filled with positive energy.

So the next time when you hit the floor, dance to unleash the positive energy in you, explore your creative side and gain a rock solid mind and body.

Go ahead, dance as if no one is watching.

Dance like there will be no tomorrow.

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