How to gain weight

What does come to your mind when you think about a healthy diet or more specifically weight loss? Is it pictures of food without carbs and oil or boiled vegetables, soups and salads?

Then brace yourselves because you are going to embark upon a tasty weight loss journey! Yes, today we bring you some versatile ingredients that would make you healthy that are not at all bland or drab but delicious and fab!


Oats are very helpful in losing weight. They do not have high sugar content like the other breakfast cereals available in the market. They digest slowly and keeps you full for longer.

Oats is not made to be had only with water or milk. It can be used in a number of ways:

Oats can be a replacement of refined flour. Simply grind them in your food processor and oats flour is ready. Use it in your pancakes or cookies for delicious snacks or healthy breakfast. It can be done with both rolled and regular oats.


It is always advised to have lean meat that is rich in protein to lose weight. And what is better than the good old chicken? Chicken is a protein that can be eaten in various ways. Smoked chicken can be used in salads for added deliciousness. If not fancy, then chicken can be used in a delicious curry with little oil and even in piping hot soups.


Veggies always play such a significant role and today we have chosen the underrated cauliflower for prepping a low carb meal.

Do you know cauliflower can be a great substitute for rice and flour? You can bake a pizza using cauliflower as a crust or make cauliflower rice.


The cravings of having something sweet often make us derailed from our weight loss journey. And guess what! we have dates to the rescue. Dates have some sugar content but it is also rich in fatty acids and fibers that aids to weight loss! To satiate your sugar cravings, you can munch on 4-5 dates per day.

You can even make it tastier by deseeding it and then stuffing it with your favorite nuts. Or try this healthy ladoo recipe: Take your favorite nuts, coconut and some cocoa powder and blend them. Add dates to it and blend again. Take it out of the food processor and roll them like ladoos.


Lastly, we have some lip smacking smoothie ideas, that can be a major part of your breakfast or you can carry them with you to satiate mild hunger pangs.

  • Blend banana, cocoa, yogurt along with some ice to get a healthy energized drink.
  • Blend some frozen berries you prefer with yogurt or any plant based milk. Add little honey to it and your drink is ready.
  • If you are addicted to tea, then this one is for you. Brew a cup of liquor tea without any sugar and let it cool down. Add almond milk, a banana (1/2), cinnamon (a pinch) and almond butter (1/2 spoon) to it. Add water only if it is needed. Blitz them together and it is ready.

So, there you go! We have given you a bunch of healthy and tasty meal ideas that you can savor for your weight loss journey. Try them soon to be fit without compromising your taste!

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