Being underweight can be as dangerous as being overweight. Low weight can cause stress, tiredness, low self-confidence and a weakened immune system leading to a number of diseases. The main reasons leading to low weight are mainly poor lifestyle, smoking, hormonal imbalance, and poor dietary choices. But there’s a lot of things that you can do to increase your calorie intake and weight.

Best Home Remedies For Gaining Weight
You can do a lot of things at your home itself to gain weight. These home remedy tips usually include eating calorie rich foods, exercising enough and sleeping properly. You can also increase your intake of the food items listed below to increase weight in a healthy way.

1) Chug On A Glass Of Banana/Mango Milkshake
Banana and Mango are calorie rich foods and are therefore a great and easy way to gain weight. A single banana has about 100 calories while a mango has about 60 calories. These two fruits are your grandma’s secret weapons that can help you gain weight fast healthily.

2) Go Nuts Over Dry Fruits And Dates

One of the most popular home remedies for gaining healthy weight, dry fruits like nuts and almonds are not only rich in calories but also have a high content of fats in them. Blend dry fruits like nuts, raisins, almonds, and dates (100 grams) with a couple of glasses a milk a day to get over 1000 healthy calories.

3) Eat A Lot Of Green Vegetables And Include Cod Liver Oil In Your Diet

Your body can’t just function with calories, fats, and protein. It is also important that you include other nutrients in your diet and the best way to do that is to increase your intake of green vegetables and cod-liver oil.

4) Suck Up On Calories With Musk Melon
Traditionally known as kharbuja, this fruit is a great way to gain weight. Eating a medium sized musk melon thrice a day will get your body over 822 calories and will also increase the nutrient
absorption along with the metabolism of your body.

While following this simple home remedies make sure you get enough sleep, exercise properly,
maintain a healthy lifestyle, and use healthy mass-gainer supplements like Endura Mass.

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