Best mass gainer supplement in india

The answer to this question can be summed up in a single line: Yes, Endura Mass does help you to increase your weight; but the twist in the tale is that we do not claim it to be a miraculous drink or a magic potion! Gaining weight is a gradual process, which can be enhanced by introducing well-blended formula in your diet, and Endura Mass is one such formula,and probably the best weight gaining supplement you would ever come across.

Endura Mass is the most popular and the best-selling bodybuilding supplement in India which has proven to show results within 3-4 weeks of its consumption, but it is advised to continue its ingestion until you reach your desired weight. Nevertheless, if you are still doubtful about its capability thenlet us help you comprehend how it works for your body and ultimately helps you reach your weight goals.

Endura Mass is a perfect amalgamation of carbohydrates and proteins, synthesis of which forms the base of gaining weight. Research says that an average woman needs around 2000 calories everyday while a man needs 2500 calories, but Endura Mass helpsyour body get an additional supply of 3480 calories which is more than enough to sustain you, plus, to helpyou put on some extra weight.

If you go for some deep digging regarding the best way to gain weight, then most people would advise you to build healthy muscle tissue, and to do this you need a good source of protein and exercise. Yes, you need to do muscle training exercise even if you are trying to gain weight. The carbs in Endura Mass give the body enough energy to perform exercises, while the protein helps in developing muscle-tissue and help you grow bigger.

Accompanying these major composites are a batch of essential minerals, vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients, which the body is unable to harness from the daily nutritional balanced diet. These additional nutrients help to improve other bodily functions, like, improving digestion, enhancing stamina, reducing fatigue after exercise, and many more.

Besides the above-mentioned advantages, Endura Mass also has a unique feature of being a completely vegetarian product and is available in four assorted flavors of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and banana, so that you can make your way to your fitness goal in a delicious way.

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    SHANKU ROY says:

    My daughter is 8 yrs and 9 month old and is very thin weighting only 22 kgs. She studies in class-III. She is also undergoing training of classical dance as well we involved in ” Karate” for kids.
    I am worried about her health. But she is very active is nature and almost self dependent in this age.
    Recently I have visited a doctor, discussed about her health and he checked and disclosed that nothing is to worry. The doctor prescribed for 2 nos health tonik and also advised me to start a course of ” ENDURA MASS” by consuming one teaspoon twice with milk.
    Now, my question is:
    Is ENDURA MASS is safe for my daughter?
    I also notice KIDS KILO for kids today in internet.
    After all I am confused whether I will insist my girl to consume ENDURA MASS or not.
    If not, then what actions may be initiated to this type of ignorance of a irresponsible Doctor.

    Waiting for response.


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