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It is a known fact that when you are planning to build your muscles, the one essential nutrient that you need to feed upon is protein.  But the main question that bothers many is: what kind protein is better to build muscles? Is it the natural sources or is it the protein powder supplements? Well, to find the answer we need to know what the differences between protein-rich food and protein enriched powders are.

The natural sources of protein are found in food items like eggs, meats, fish, milk and soy milk products, lean beef or pork, etc. While protein powders come in the form of milk protein, whey protein isolates or casein powders.

Both the natural and the synthesized protein sources have pros and cons of their own. Like the natural sources of proteins are cheaper and are available right in the local market, while the protein powders are little on the expensive side, but nevertheless due to the marketing strategy of popular brands,one can even buy protein supplements online in India.

Natural protein needs to be properly cooked before it is eaten while the supplements come in a ready-mix form, you just need to cut the packet, pour it in your favorite drink, and voila! It is ready to be sipped from time to time.

Natural sources of proteins are also home for other essential nutrients; for e.g. beef is rich in iron, milk and its products are rich in calcium, whereas fishes like salmon are loaded with omega 3fatty acids. And all these nutrients have their own role to play in gaining a healthy body. On the other hand, protein powders a hardcore supplier of only proteins as they are completely devoid of these additional nutrients.

Other than this, protein supplements are favored because it is always easy to ingest ahuge amount of liquids than solids. This concept is also applicable in terms of digestion; it is easier for the body to absorb the nutrients available in liquid form that in form of solids that needs to be broken down for digestion.

So, after weighing both the potential of protein powders and natural protein sources, it can be concluded that the need of the said supplement is necessary for building muscles but that doesn’t call for the need of excluding the natural sources. An effective method to include proteins in your diet would be to involve both the sources sufficiently.

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