Do you avoid carbs in the fitness buff? If your answer is yes, understand why this dietary mistake should not be made and how it affects your health success. Proteins and fats are the allies for most people on the fitness road, and carbohydrates are the foe, the necessary evil that must be avoided at all costs. Little do these folks realize that they have shortened their fitness targets by eliminating carbohydrates? Proteins are amino acids and fats are essential fatty acids when broken down to basic carbohydrates are glucose.

Body Growth Needs Carbs

Carbohydrates are rich in vitamin and fiber sources such as cereals, fruits, and vegetables. Unlike potatoes and long grain rice, it helps to replenish muscle stores of glycogen that are used as energy during exercise. American College of Sports Medicine agrees and suggests that sufficient food and water be ingested before, during and after exercise to help maintain blood glucose control during the cycle and optimize exercise performance and enhance recovery time.

Strengthen Your Muscles

Carbohydrates serve as creatine’s cheaper replacement. Carbs give you more fuel for daily work, just like creatine, which leads to muscle strengthening. Carbohydrates are processed as glycogen in your muscles next to food and protein. It allows you to build bigger and firmer muscles as 2.7 g of water per gram of glycogen is contained in your muscles.

Lean Muscles

This is a no-brainer that accumulated glucose as glycogen in the tissues of the muscle and the liver is preferred fuel source when you’re doing your daily physical activity. When your body depletes the carbohydrate glycogen reserve, it moves on to the other fuel source, your lean muscle, which is the amino acid reservoir itself.  Thus, your body goes in a catabolic mode by restricting carbohydrates and attacks the lean
muscles you are trying hard to build. So avoid the mistake to skip carbs and follow a properly balanced diet.

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