As the rising news of coronavirus, there are many people out there who are spreading rumors and myths about the disease and the precautions. There are a few more myths and facts about coronavirus everyone must know!!

Myth: Home remedies such as the use of garlic, honey, lemon, cloves, etc helpful to prevent the virus.

Fact: There is no scientific proof that these things will help to prevent coronavirus. 


Myth: Alcohol consumption will help to kill the virus. 

Fact: According to WHO drinking is not the solution to kill the virus. 


Myth: Using sanitizers is as good as washing your hands.

Fact: sanitizers are useful when you are traveling and there is no access to soap and water. But, if it is available it is recommended to use soap and water only. 


Myth: The virus does not survive in hot climates. An increase in temperature will kill the virus.

Fact: the infection is taking place in tropical countries as well. So, it is not true that viruses cannot survive in hot climates.


Myth: Pets are at risk too and can be carriers of the infections.

Fact: there is no evidence to show that viruses will jump from one species to another. It is a human virus, so it is not possible that there are chances to have the virus through pets or animals.


Myth: The sale of meat and poultry products has plummeted, as these are considered unsafe.

Fact: Coronavirus is a human virus, there are no studies that shows that it has been communicated through any kind of animal species.


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