BMI or Body Mass Index is a useful measure of the fat in our body based on our height and weight. The higher your BMI is, the higher the risk of diseases like high blood pressure, sugar, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. In most adults, the healthy BMI range falls between 18.5-24.5. Having a BMI below 18.5 makes you underweight, and makes your immunity and strength low too. Most people don’t talk about having a low BMI and the consequences it brings along, but people with low BMI may have issues like the affected immune system, breathing issues, digestive issues, etc. If you have a low BMI, taking a supplement like endura mass may help you raise your BMI to healthy levels.

Now that we are done with low BMI and how it can be solved with a supplement like endura mass gainer, now let’s talk about the consequences of having a high BMI. A BMI of 25-29.9 makes a person overweight, and any more than that, it makes a person obese. Just like low BMI, high BMI has a lot of negative consequences on your health and increases the risk of diseases like cardiovascular diseases, lung and kidney issues, blood pressure problems, etc. Along with that it also increases the risk of cancer. High BMI can be dealt with a good diet/dieting, working out, and embracing healthy life choices.

People generally talk more about the consequences of high BMI than low BMI because high BMI affects a lot more people than it affects people who have a low BMI. In simpler words, people with high BMI usually have more health issues than people with low BMI. But it surely doesn’t eliminate the health risks of having a low BMI. And in such a case taking a supplement like endura mass powder can surely do great to the body.

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