Underweight? Here are some 100% safe and healthy tips to gain weight

If you think loading yourself with sweets and junk food is the best route to gain your desired weight, think again. It is normal to want to gain weight quickly, especially if you are underweight, but you must do so safely and healthily. The three pillars of a safe weight gain regime are balanced meals, regular exercise, and overall healthy lifestyle choices. Supplements like Endura Mass weight gainer can be a good support in that case, but never a replacement for good wholesome meals.

Are you sure you’re Underweight?

The three principles of gaining weight remain the same, irrespective of why you want to gain weight. However, before you even start working towards it, you need to know - “are you underweight?” Start with checking your BMI (body mass index) using this calculator. Consider yourself underweight if your BMI score is below 18.5. You can consume the Endura Mass weight gainer with regular meals to improve your weight. For a more accurate evaluation, seek the help of a dietician and plan to meet your goal weight accordingly.

Safe and healthy tips to gain weight

Consume more than your body can burn

The daily calorie intake required to gain weight varies from one person to the other. If you’re aiming for a steady weight gain, consuming around 500 more calories than the body can burn regularly would suffice.

Increase your meal sizes, and don’t forget to make way for additional healthy snacking in the morning or evenings - this will also help improve your body weight. Tracking your per-day calorie intake for 2-3 weeks can be helpful to adjust your weight gain diet accordingly.

Follow a balanced diet

A balanced diet must include enough protein portions along with healthy fat and carbohydrates. While protein supports lean muscle growth, fat and carb-rich foods add nutrients and calories to your diet - this is one of the crucial healthy tips to gain weight.

Protein-rich foods include dairy products, fish, nuts, eggs, soybean, pulses, or whey protein. You can incorporate carb-rich foods like grains (rice and wheat), corn, millet (jowar, bajra, etc.), banana, dates & raisins, buckwheat, and oats into your diet plan. Endura Mass weight gainer also contains several of the nutrients present in these food grains.

Please note: Avoid processed or refined carbohydrates and include whole-food sources of carbohydrates instead.

Following a balanced diet provides the necessary energy source to help you maintain a regular workout regime that also helps build lean muscle mass. Also, you must consume a minimum of three meals every day.

Weight gain supplements

Weight gain and protein supplements are widely available and usually come in a ready-to-mix powder form. You can blend them with milk and ingredients of your choice and enjoy them as shakes and smoothies in between regular meals. Yes, consuming weight gain supplements does not mean you skip regular healthy meals. Please make sure you read the dosage instructions on the supplement packs carefully, as it differs according to age, gender, and lifestyle.

Supplements work as additional support to your weight gain journey. Thus, choose the most credible and best weight gainer in India. You can buy weight gainers online as well.

Sleep well and destress 

Consuming healthy food contributes to good health, but getting a sound sleep and overall mental well-being also plays a vital role. Emotional turmoils can often lead to a loss of appetite and unnecessary weight loss.

Try incorporating destressing yoga asanas into your daily exercise routine. It will uplift your emotional health and stabilize your sleep pattern. Sleep is pivotal to keeping your mental health in check throughout the day, ultimately improving your appetite, which indirectly helps you gain weight.

Things to avoid

When you’re on a mission to gain weight, there are a few things that you should avoid:

  • While consuming 2 - 2.5 liters of water per day is important, drinking too much water before meals will barely leave space in your stomach for food.
  • Eliminating vegetables from your diet - Not eating enough veggies can cause malnutrition as they provide vitamins and minerals to the body.
  • Smoking - Cigarettes contain chemicals that speed up your metabolism even when your body is at rest. Smoking can also reduce your appetite.
  • Excluding cardiovascular exercise from your regime - You can restrict your cardiovascular exercise time but don’t skip it because they help maintain a healthy brain, heart, and lungs.
  • Giving up too soon - Healthy and safe weight gain is about determination and patience. It is unlikely to get immediate visible results. The result might take longer for some compared to others since everyone is different with distinct metabolism. The same is true for some of the best weight gainers in India that give visible results beginning 6 weeks.

Final Thoughts

We understand that just like losing weight, gaining weight can be very difficult for many people. But healthy weight gain is always achievable by adding the necessary food items to your diet chart and following a few simple tips, as we’ve mentioned above. However, since every individual has a different metabolic rate, weight gain results can vary from person to person.

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