Life-style of women in India has been changed in a better way. Previously they were only meant for marriage and child-birth-giving. They were not taken care properly, which causes many premature deaths. Today society prioritizes women, became more kind to think of their health. It increases a willingness among women to take care of their body. However early marriage is abolished by law, but it is always expected a woman should have sound health and beautiful figure at the time of marriage. It is considered that, if a woman lacks minimum weight in their figure, they may not able to get suitable groom easily. Apart from that a beautiful body structure will add a special hue their personality. As a result it boost up the confidence level. In order to gain weight in a proportionate way they need to take proper diet along with good exercise and sleep. Usually women body is tender by nature. So they need special care while choosing their diets. Women who lack the proportionate nutrition in their diet, should take proper supplement including these ingredients.

Soy Proteins :

Soy protein plays a subtle role in women’s nutrition. As we know soy protein is synonymous to estrogen hormone, so we must take care of while taking soy protein. Estrogen plays a vital role in women’s stepping to puberty, menstruation, menopause, and sex drive. Lacking of soy protein in your diet will reduce your estrogen secretion. This hormone brings softness in women’s skin, helps in developing the breasts proportionately. It regulates the height and growth of women. Consuming extra soy protein results disbalance in hormones. Endura mass contains proportionate amount of soy proteins which gives you proper shape and weight.

Calcium :

Calcium is necessary element for good bones structure and strengthening of the teeth. It is common factor. Do you know calcium helps in sending mental messages and keeps stable the nervous system? Calcium is very essential for the women experiencing menopause. During this time women looses calcium from the joint of bones. So one must taken care of their need of calcium at least 10 years before from its arrival. Endura’s mass gainer contains 680mg calcium.

Iron :

Women who suffers from high periods, need iron in their diet. It helps in producing red blood corpuscles. It carries the oxygen in blood which is essential for heart function.

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 :

Vitamin A and C is mostly known for enhancing the glamour in the body. As these vitamins are enriched with antioxidants it prevents any disease in the body and helps to strengthen the immune system. Lack of Vitamin B12 imparts numbness in female’s body. They will lack youthful energy in lack of vitamin B12. Even the deficiency of Vitamin B12 causes less appetite. It is harmful for good health.

Carbohydrate :

Young women are often less interested in taking grains in their meals. Grains are packed with carbohydrates which give us strength and energy. Carbohydrates can provide us immense of calorie. Lean women need high calorie supplement. Endura mass contains proportionate amount of carbohydrates.

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