Habits die hard. As, they grow older with us they become stronger and before you know it your life becomes a summation of your bad habits.

A famous Urdu satirist once said about modern living:-

‘’ We have been gentrified so, never saw the faces of our homes

Spent our lives in hotels, and went to die in a hospital’’

Life is not just living through days, one takeout after another, party after party, overtaxing your body through work and fun and in the end killing yourself slowly. It could be so much more, and for that you need to take care of your body.


So, here are the bad habits you need to quit immediately in order to cultivate a full, vivacious and healthy lifestyle!

1. Never Skip Breakfast

The first meal of the day should be the best. It should be fulfilling as well as nutritious. If you don’t get hungry early in the morning, have a late breakfast. Carry a couple of fruits with you to work.

Breakfast sets the pace for your metabolism for the whole day, stables your blood sugar and stops you from overeating during lunch, which brings us to;-

2. No Irregular Eating


Eating is a routine activity. It should be scheduled, and that schedule should be followed to the T.  Irregular meals can lead to overeating at sometimes and under-eating at others. It messes with your natural hunger cycle and you end up destroying your metabolism. Could lead to excessive weight gain or weight loss.

3. Eat a potato, don’t be one!

Potatoes once saved the world from starvation, and are still one of the best sources of daily calorie. But you don’t have to be one, despite all the good intentions. Stop plonking on your couch in front of your TV every free moment you get. Have you heard of diabetes, the biggest lifestyle disease in our country? Well, couch potatoes get that. Go out man and women! Socialize, see the world, walk your dog, whatever! And, if you are watching TV on your couch, then take breaks.  Do your little chores in between. Keep the engine running, friends, to not get busted.

4. Excess of everything is bad!

An old saying, and a consummate truth! When you go to party you drink until you have drowned all our sorrows in a blackout. When you are stressed out, you smoke so many cigarettes that your face turns blue and your nails turn yellow from nicotine. A habit maybe will be fun, a bad habit will destroy you, an addiction; that my friends will kill you. Quit the stick, and moderate your alcohol intake. Limit your fast food intake as well. Do not be awake too much unless you are in a war or something. Sleep 7 hours a day. Moderation is the key to a good life.

5. Stop digging your own potholes!

Habits are the result of situations. Repetitive situations which we put ourselves in again and again. Such situations lead us to stress which lead us to the habit. For example, if you skip breakfast every day, you will start feeling hungry a few hours before your lunch, combined with workload that hunger will stress you out and to counter that you will overeat during lunch, which will make you feel sluggish for the whole day and tire your mind out, so you will go home, sit on your couch and watch TV until you fall asleep. Get it?

Break the pattern. Break the rut. Break the habit. Today. Live. Laugh. Love.

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