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Does listening to music improve the workout session?

Listening to music during exercise not only relieves fatigue – it can help improve the quality of your exercise, increase your endurance, and keeps you in a good mood. In particular, the physical and psychological effects of application with stimulating listening to music or exercise have been demonstrated. For example, when a song has a […]

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Struggling with body fat? Learn to get rid of stubborn fat and gain muscle mass instead

Most practitioners have the same goals when building their bodies: gain muscle mass without gaining fat. They will probably follow the path of physical development (gaining a combination of strength and body fat) and the cutting or breaking phase (removing body fat and maintaining as much muscle as possible in the process). These roller coaster […]

How Are People Coping with long term effects of Coronavirus?

Social trauma, or community trauma, is defined as trauma that involves and affects all groups of people, communities, or communities. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that in contrast to previous mass traumas, such as those caused by World War II, the mass trauma caused by the COVID-19 epidemic “affects everyone globally.” Thus, he warns, […]