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Benefits of Consuming Endura Mass by Women

Life-style of women in India has been changed in a better way. Previously they were only meant for marriage and child-birth-giving. They were not taken care properly, which causes many premature deaths. Today society prioritizes women, became more kind to think of their health. It increases a willingness among women to take care of their […]


The science behind gaining weigh

We generally tend to be after gaining weight no matter how but what we completely ignore is the science and logic behind the whole process that our body goes through and subsequently results in gaining weight. Some of them are: 1. Calorie counts: Factually what happens is, the intake of dietary energy which is measured […]


Ways to stress free weight gain

Adequate body weight is a dream and concern of many. Probably they don’t know that this rocket science seeming adequate body weight acquiring process often leaves us stressed, when stressed, our body enters into ” acute stress response” mode and prefabricates itself by releasing hormones like adrenaline and cortisol which tends to temporarily suppress digestive […]


3 Musts for girls to gain weight

Bodyweight has always been a matter of concern especially for girls in their teens when they are extra concerned about their looks, body weight, and shape. Be it overweight or underweight, due attention is always needed. Here we are going to divulge 3 MUSTs for skinny or underweight girls in order to gain weight. 1. […]

Science behind weight gain

Weight-gain is a term that’s a concern for a lot of people today, there are people on both sides. Some are concerned because they keep gaining weight, and some are concerned because they can’t gain weight. While in today’s world the focus is mainly towards those who keep gaining weight, the science to weight-gain is […]

Stress & Its impact on your health

The Hypothalamus in your brain sends stress hormones throughout your body when you’re in a fight or flight situation. These hormones increase your heartbeat, quicken your breathing, and alert your muscles and body. These hormones are very helpful in situations where you need to think and act quickly, but when these hormones keep getting triggered […]

Does masturbation affects weight gain?

Masturbation and weight have already been correlated to each other, not by medical professionals but mostly by our peers and other people in society. Today, let’s answer this question for once and all, does masturbation really affect weight-gain? NO! That’s the one and only actual answer to this question. It’s a self-pleasuring sexual activity that […]