A powerful core, as always is an answer to many issues. It can get rid of issues with the back, it makes you feel stronger internally and tone your whole stomach. This allows you to be less aware when wearing an outfit showing stomach, or shirtless at the beach. The most fundamental thing for a person is a strong core. However, with extremely busy lives, it is very hard to keep track over it.

Although you can do a broad range of activities for the abs, some are better than others. In reality, a survey was commissioned by the American Council on Exercise to find out the best and worst exercises. Today, let’s take a look at some of the best abs workout.

You only need room to do a bicycle where you can lie down with your hands on the side on your back. Head up your legs and do bicycles for the air. These are highly efficient and work your upper and lower core as well. At least 100 bikes should be done.
Russian Twist

Here’s another workout that you can do anywhere, the twist from Russia. The Russian Twist is one of the most intensive and efficient workouts as it not only works out your entire abdominal region but also works out your (sides) obliques. You’re basically on your back on the ground, but make sure that your back is off the ground, just like your legs. The feet are suspended in the air at an angle of approximately 30-45 degrees. Then you twist your upper body from side to side with your arms.

Not only does this workout work your abs, but it also operates with your glutes and hamstring. It makes them tight and much stronger.
Plank Jacks

This is likely the most intense of all the exercises as it brings in an enormous cardio component. This workout combines a nice ancient board with jumping jacks. So, you’re either on the ground with your elbows or your palms in a boarding place. Your entire body is parallel to the ground. Make sure your core is tight and absolutely straight. Then jump and open your legs and jump and get them back to the original position. Start it by doing 20 in the first go, and when your fitness level increases numbers hardly matter.

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