Not everyone wants to lose weight, as much as it is hard to believe, a large number of people, especially guys want to gain weight, but it isn’t an easy process, and there are a lot of things that make our metabolism faster making weight-gain a difficult process. While taking the best weight gaining supplement helps a lot, it’s also important to keep these 5 points in mind that slow-down the weight-gain process.

1. Not Eating Enough- Pretty much self-explanatory, if you gotta gain weight, you have to eat more calories, take a good diet, and have meals that benefit you. It’s also a good idea to add a supplement like endura mass to help you alongside.

2. Eating A Lot- Now this one may seem a little confusing, but it’s important. We now know that a fast metabolism means that our body burns calories faster thus making weight-gain a difficult process, but if we can control this by eating at specific times, in specific limits, our body will stop burning fat at a fast rate and preserve energy, thereby slowing down our metabolism.

3. Eating Too Frequently- Eating too frequently also keeps the metabolism up and running, thereby burning fat and hindering weight-gain. If we can stick to 3-4 large meals a day, we can keep our metabolism in check and not affect the weight-gain process. A bottle of endura mass gainer in the morning with some nuts and raisins can keep you powered up till afternoon in fact.

4. Not Avoiding Caffeine- Caffeine is a big problem for people who want to gain weight. Caffeine is known for keeping ourselves and our metabolism active, which causes our body to be active and burn fat much faster. So avoiding caffeine would be ideal.

5. Not Maintaining Homeostasis- Staying stress-free and keeping the body at a normal steady temperature will help keep the metabolism calm and it won’t have to burn calories to maintain a steady body temperature.


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