If you’re underweight, the best way to gain weight is to eat food that is rich in calories. If you’re worried that too many calories are not good for your health, then let me tell you that you can still get a lot of healthy calories if you eat food items that have lots of protein and carbs in them. This way you can get weight without getting fat. You can also take up weight-gain supplements like Endura Mass. Here are five calorie rich foods which will help you gain weight while keeping unhealthy fats away.

1. Almond Butter
Nuts have a high calorie content and are very healthy for your body. Almond butter is not only rich in nutrients but a single serving or about two tablespoons of almond butter contains four grams of protein, 18 grams of fat, and 2 grams of filling fiber. Other than that almond butter is also rich in iron, magnesium, and vitamin E. You can get up to 200 calories with a single serving of almond butter.


2. Dark Chocolate
Rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants dark chocolate not only makes you happy but also controls your blood sugar and reduces your blood pressure. A bar of dark chocolate will give you 50 calories.

3. Olive Oil
A single serving (1 tablespoon) of olive oil has 120 calories. Olive oil is also  rich in mono-,saturated fat and keeps you away from risk of heart diseases and keeps cholesterol levels in check.

4. Homemade Granola
Homemade granola is high in calories and low in sugar and therefore great for weight-gain. Natural ingredients in homemade granola like oats, nuts, and seeds make it full of healthy nutrients which is great for your body.

5. Raisins

Dry fruits like raisins are not only rich in calories but since it contains natural sugar it is very beneficial for your body. Take the right amount of raisins and see the positive effects on your body by yourself.

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