Having a balanced diet is essential. Your body must get everything it needs. It must receive sufficient nutrients daily.

However, due to various reasons, meeting nutritional requirements just from our diets is sometimes not possible. We have Endura Mass supplements for that. Choose one suiting your needs. For example, if you want extra proteins and calories for your goal big muscles, choose Endura Mass Gainer. Packed with calories and proteins, it will help your body to recover post-workout and help you build muscles.

That being said, what’s wrong with making attempts to make our diet as complete as possible? There are plenty of natural foods that will do well to your body and provide you with healthy fats. You get extra calories, you get lots of nutrients and it’s healthy at the same time. And often delicious as well!

We list 5 such nutritious foods.

  1. Eggs: Super rich in proteins, eggs are an excellent source of calories and healthy fats.
  2. Shrimp: Almost purely protein, shrimp is a great way to get those muscle-building nutrients. It is not too calorie-rich either.
  3. Milk: Milk is a great source of protein. It’s a great way to add extra calories to your diet. Add your Endura Mass powder to milk to add extra calories.
  4. Chicken: It’s great for repairing and maintaining muscles and bones. It’s very rich in proteins.
  5. Cottage Cheese: It contains amino acid leucine which helps in building muscles. It has lots of proteins as well. Depending on how much extra calories you want, choose a type of cottage cheese.

Incorporate such foods in your diet. With a workout routine, you will have your goal body in no time!

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