If you are ever to ask a doctor or a wellness expert tips for a healthy life, there are high chances they would suggest a better diet, exercise, good sleep schedule, and cutting down on stress. These four things essentially form the four main pillars of physical and mental health wellness. If you give them the right attention, they will not just contribute extensively towards your physical health, but will all keep your mood uplifted, thereby helping you live your life to the fullest. You can consider your overall well-being to be the roof these four pillars support, so the more these pillars are in equilibrium with each other, the more stable your life is. Let’s have a closer look at these four pillars, and how you can manage them better.

1.Diet: Healthy diet would promote good bacteria in your digestive system, which in turn would help us absorb the nutrients we consume better and send signals of feeling good to our brain. Aim for natural and unprocessed foods along with 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily for the best results.

2.Exercise: Regular exercising helps our muscles create endorphins along with other benefits that help our brain cope with stress. Even 30-60 mins of daily exercise involving running, light aerobics, yoga, weight, training can be very beneficial for us.

3.Cutting Down On Stress; Taking some time to relax from our hectic and busy life schedule can be really beneficial for us. Breathing exercises along with meditation can reduce stress, anxiety, help us focus, and increase energy levels.

4.Sleep: Getting at least eight hours of proper sleep is very beneficial for the body. A proper sleep schedule helps reduce stress, boost emotional and physical stamina, and improve focus to perform our day to day activities. It is also important to sleep at the right time to keep our body in a proper cycle.

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