Appetite is defined as a natural desire to quench a bodily need; especially for food.

Now, that definition would make it sound like appetite is an emotion; as grumptious, as fickle.


Your appetite is just a result of well- coordinated bodily functions wound up like a clockwork.

So, if it is less or irregular, then it is a problem. A mechanical problem rather than a wishful one.

But, how do we define less appetite. How do I know if I am eating less than normal? What is normal?

All that and more will be answered in this article.

Eating habits

1.  Normal= 2800 calories for adult male/2400 calories for female. And, that is the tip of the iceberg.

Without proteins and minerals that is just empty calories.

2. Can you eat all the 2800 calorie in one go? Yes.

     Should you? No.

     Why? Because, you will want to stay away from food for a long-long time.

     That brings us to the first reason for low appetite. Big, irregular meals. Eat six small meals instead of two or three big meals.

  Inculcate snacks. Mix and match. Promise yourself a cookie for all the boring lettuce and salad. Trust us, you will eat more.

3. MAKE EATING A PLEASURABLE ACTIVITY. Taste matters. So does smell! We all have different taste and olfactory sensors.

You do not have to eat what everyone eats, make your own diet chart. LEARNING TO COOK always helps, it makes eating an involving activity.

Must dos

 If you have low appetite then you must follow these rules:-

1. Any drinking is to be done 30 minutes prior to or after eating.

2. Eat energy dense foods like meat and starches before low- calorie fruits and vegetables.

3. Avoid gas forming foods like onions, cabbage, broccoli or dried beans.

4. Inculcate spices like coriander, tamarind, Echinacea (kalmegh) into your diet. They help you digest your food quickly.

Lifestyle and eating disorders.

1. Appetite loss is associated with various lifestyle factors, such as-

2. Emotional distress

3. Depression

4. Hormonal imbalance

5. Breakdown of relationships

6. Debilitating illnesses

                These could develop easily into eating disorders like anorexia; where you just don’t want to eat even if you are hungry or bulimia where you eat a lot after prolonged hunger and spit it all out.

The solution to appetite loss is just falling into the rut. Eating is a routine activity. You just have to do it right, And without being stress to the table.  A healthy mind inhabits a healthy body, not the other way round.


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