Any sort of addiction is harmful, as the wise men say “too much of anything is bad”

Smoking causes a number of health issues for you like various types of cancer, chronic bronchitis, bad breath, breathing problems, excessive sweating, restlessness, heart problems and it also plays a major role in stopping you from gaining your desired weight. So, QUIT TODAY!

Poor Food Choices

Insufficient food intake both in terms of quality and quantity is very common cause of being underweight. Eating disorders like obsession with thinness like anorexia nervosa (not eating enough due to eating less), bulimia (induced vomiting after eating) are other causes.

Sleeping Patterns

If you’re a night owl or a late sleeper, its time you work on your sleeping pattern. Numerous studies on the topic have revealed that the amount of rest your body gets is directly proportional to you being healthy and having an optimum weight.

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