In the clinch of talking about gaining weight we have talked about the regime that one has to go through in order to gain weight but what about those mistakes that one makes and disrupts this process? In this tractate, we have 3 essential DON’Ts for you to keep in mind.

1. SKIPPING MEALS: When it comes to gaining weight the very first advice one gets is to eat enough. But there are plenty of reasons why people skip their meals or eat less which disrupts the regime and consequently don’t gain weight. So never compromise your healthy meals or snacks.

2. SKIPPING WORKOUT: It is never too much to praise exercising. It sets harmony among body mind and soul which spurs the hormones like leptin and growth hormones to influence appetite, metabolism, and body fat distribution. So skipping a workout can disturb the body’s functioning.

3. NEGLECTING MEDICAL CONDITION: Though aforecited are inerrable in gaining weight if anyone does not see any progress then he /she must consult a doctor as there are many health-related issues which cause weight loss such as type 2 diabetes, overactive thyroid, depression, and endocarditis, etc. To prevent yourself from making these mistakes and follow the right regime you will surely see the awaited outcome

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