The epidemic, Covid-19 has set all of us to quarantine at home for preventing ourselves from this infectious disease.
This epidemic has unabashedly brought a lot of disruption in our normal routine which might have been becoming the reason for anxiety for many of us and make us feel isolated. Anyhow letting go the mental health is not commitable.
Here are few drills to beat the anxiety and the feeling of isolation:

1. MENTAL PREPARATION: Prepare your mind to adapt to the realities and circumstances to make the things easier for your mind to adjust into.

2. BE OPTIMISTIC: Instead of looking at the dark sides look at the things as a blessing in disguise. Stop feeling imprisoned and think that you have finally got time to spend with your family and do the things you had put in pending.

3. KEEP YOURSELF ENGAGED: Besides sticking to your regular routine, consisting your office work and daily doings to keep you going during the idle days, do include your hobbies to pursue. You can add painting or art & craft session in your daily schedule to change your mind.

4. TAKE CARE OF YOUR MENTAL & PHYSICAL HEALTH: Add exercise or Yoga in your list and give atleast an hour everyday to this session. This will keep you mentally calm and physically active.

5. STAY CONNECTED: Stay in touch with your family and friends who are not near you. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with them will make you feel good.

6 HELP OTHERS: In these temporary hard times do what you can do to help others. Bringing smile on other’s faces is the irreplaceable antidote to anxiety.

Remember every night has a morning, so hope for the best and keep spreading the positive vibes.

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