It is addictive to smoke. Ask anyone who’s been trying to quit. If you’ve been smoking in the past, there’s a great possibility that even with your bodybuilding plan you might stick with your addiction. You should not be blamed solely because smoking is addictive, but you are losing your muscle gains by continuing with this habit. You may mention other bodybuilders in the gym in your defense, who do the same, but two errors do not make one correct. Smoking is harmful to your health and also to your ambitions for bodybuilding. Nicotine is a compound that makes smoking very addictive. According to research studies, nicotine is more addictive than cocaine. Nicotine in a cigarette is temporarily high and you light up another cigar to get that high again. Smoking cut down your exercise routine as it reduces your endurance level that eventually cuts down your time which you spent in developing muscles.
1. Smoking Reduces Your Workout Performance

During the workouts, a smoker can’t push himself to the max. A smoker’s heartbeat is 30% quicker than a non-smoker’s. As a result, smokers’ hearts have to work harder during exercises to ensure adequate circulation. The elevated heart rate also increases blood pressure. The blood pressure also increases with an increased heart rate. Because the blood flow reduces due to narrowed blood vessels, the working muscles do not get enough oxygen-rich blood if they need the most during workouts.
2. Smoking Lowers Testosterone level

Your level of testosterone is directly related to building your muscles. Muscle cells have receptors called androgen receptors for testosterone. Muscle fibers are retained as testosterone binds to the receptors. Maintenance ceases and muscle is weakened without testosterone. Smoking’s drawback is that it can destroy cells inside your body which produces testosterone. As your testosterone level drops, the muscles start turning to fat, especially in areas you don’t want, like chest and stomach.

3. Smoking Makes You Insulin Resistant

Smoking makes you immune to insulin, which has a disastrous effect on your goals of muscle building. Insulin is a protein cum hormone produced after consuming carbohydrate-rich foods and acts as a signal to remove glucose idling in the bloodstream from the muscle cells. So, your muscle cells refuse to respond to the cue to consume glucose from the blood when you become immune to insulin, and you become depleted of energy given an excess of blood glucose.

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